As we get older there might be some things that you want to know when it comes to the terms of medical care that are available to you. Once you retire and are using Medicaid, one question that you might have is whether or not your benefits will help pay for adult daycare.

In short, the answer to this question is yes.

However, it is important to understand that Medicaid is not one single program, but rather a collection of several programs.

Every state has its own rules when it comes to benefits provided by Medicaid. In addition, every state has several different programs from which to choose. Every program has different rules when it comes to paying for adult daycare. Finally, the group of Medicaid program also will impact whether or not a person is eligible. For example, seniors have to meet a set of requirements. Adults ages 18 to 64 have a different set of eligibility requirements, and people who are developmentally disabled have another set of requirements.

The Medicaid program for each state that is the most likely to cover adult day care are Medicaid waivers. There are many versions of these waivers. Long term care coverage from Medicaid was most often only given in nursing homes. However, there are no waivers available that allow a state to offer long term care outside of a nursing home. These waivers are what are used most often to provide people with long-term nursing care outside of a facility.

There are about fifteen states that provide adult day care coverage through their state Medicaid programs. When you are considering an adult day care program, it is important to look up your state laws to determine how much of the cost will be covered by Medicaid.